Chris & Tash | Jorgensen Farms

I know I should blog weddings closer to the actual wedding versus 4 months later but doing it this way makes me fall in love with the images all over again. Sometimes during the hustle and bustle of wedding season its, shoot sleep eat edit repeat, I try so hard to give everyone their images back before 4 weeks that I don’t have time to truly enjoy them. So I hope you get to fall in love with their wedding day again now 🙂

I grew up with Chris and had so much fun getting to know adult Chris and his fiancé Tash during their engagement session (remember the movie theater session? LOVE). I knew I would love their wedding and then I found out it was at Jorgensen and was even more excited. These two have the most supportive group of friends and there was so much genuine love and happiness from everyone around them. Oh plus, they love The Office and had hidden office references throughout their wedding, can’t beat that. Okay, enjoy all the prettiness now ❤

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